Networker Legato for Solaris

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1.    Backup server using Sun Solaris SPARC (64bit) operating system version 8 with NetWorker version 7.2.1 installed2.    NetWorker Configuration (/nsr/res), MMD and CFI are located in another location using link3.    There are 2 NetAPP NDMPs4.   
There are 2 Windows cluster with 2 members inside each5.    There is Exchange module installed in Exchange server6.    Jukebox using 8 LTO2 drives and will replaced by 8 LTO3 drives and 4 additional LTO3 drives  PROJECTUpgrade Networker from 7.2.1 to 7.5.1 to able to operate LTO3 device  PREPARATION

1.    Check Installer NetWorker 7.5.1 for Sun. Solaris
2.    Check hostname and IP address of NetWorker Server
3.    Check Bootstrap information à running mminfo -B and prepare volume according to bootstrap information
4.    Check port of NetWorker Management consol
5.    Check space for NetWorker installation à at least 100GB
6.    Copy (backup) /nsr/res and /nsr/index to another location. Verify that all client using same path to save CFI
7.    Copy (backup) hosts file to another location and check the content
8.    Copy (backup) Some Solaris configurations à further check fo solaris configurationNote: NetWorker recommend using Solaris driver for LTO rather than using IBM (stcbn) driver
9.    Patch ID 113277 references Solaris generic st (SCSI tape) kernel module. Minimum required version is -35. This patch also includes sd (SCSI disk) kernel module, therefore a reboot is required upon installation. PIC from Geotech Team  

ACTION PLAN Upgrade Networker, Thursday – 8 October 2009
1.    Shutdown the existing NetWorker Server
2.    Replace hard disk to boot with new Sun Solaris version. PIC from Geotech team
3.    Install Solaris patch. PIC from Geotech team
4.    Copy hosts file to new networker server
5.    Install NetWorker 7.5.1 and networker management console. Location of nsr is mapped to another location and not using existing mapping
6.    Restart server (optional)
7.    Install LTO2 Drivers using Sun Solaris drivers. Note: default driver solaris
8.    Check LTO connection à inquire and sn -a b.t.l or sjisn scsidev@b.t.l of SCSI ID of autochanger
9.    Check NDMP connection à inquire –N
10.                     Stop NetWorker and management console service
11.                     Rename existing (new networker server) /nsr/res
12.                     Copy /nsr/res to new networker server
13.                     Copy /nsr/index and other cFI to new NetWorker Server
14.                     Start NetWorker server and management console service
15.                     Running nsrck -L2 for checking online index
16.                     Check licenses. Take note what licenses that have problems
17.                     Check NetWorker configuration (group, client, policy, schedule, pool etc)18.                     Check and configure Autochange/Library/Jukebox and NDMP
19.                     Test inventory
20.                     Test backup and restore
21.                     Cloning networker server for backup. PIC from Geotech team Time frame: 07:00 – 16:00

Back off scenario
1. Cloning after a night production backup
2. Roll back to previous solaris 8  LTO3 INSTALLATION,
Friday – 9 October 2009

1.    Check and reconfigure zoning. PIC Rsah/Riku Note:              zone using single initiator              Do not mix tape zone with disk zone into 1 zone              Create new zoning for LTO 3 and preserve existing zoning for LTO2
2.    Shutdown networker server
3.    Replace LTO2 with LTO3. Take tag each LTO2 drive prior unistall. PIC from Geotech team
4.    Upgrade LTO3 Firmware. PIC from Geotech team
5.    Power up networker server
6.    Detect and install driver of LTO3 using solaris driver. note: using default solaris driver for LTO3
7.    Set necessary configuration of LTO3 and NDMP for sun solaris
8.    Delete existing library
9.    Check LTO connection à inquire and sn -a b.t.l or sjisn scsidev@b.t.l of SCSI ID of autochanger
10.              Check NDMP connection à inquire –N
11.                     Configure Autochange/Library/Jukebox and NDMP
12.                     Test inventory
13.                     Test backup and restore Time frame: 07:00 – 14:00
Back off scenario 1. Roll back to solaris 9 cloning and using LTO2  

MONITORING DOCUMENTATION  IMPACT Existing NetWorker server will remain in another disk include the /nsr folder. When upgrade failed it will using existing NetWorker server to running schedule backup. It does not apply to LTO3 installation due to zone change. As result, it will distrub schedule backup.


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